About Us

About Us

Kit Knit Cos Play is the completely raving nuts idea of Cathrine Garnell who decided on a complete whim that knitting costumes for cats would be great fun and highly entertaining. 

The idea is to showcase a different era throughout time and space once or twice a month depending on how long the sets take to build and put together. 

It will feature Bionic Basil & The 'B' Team from the hugely popular UK cat blog, and all the knitted products featured will be available to order from 'Agent J' knitter extraordinaire from the KKCP Etsy shop.

There is also a method behind the madness, once several CosPlay Sets are finished we will be raffling/auctioning the items off to raise money for The Burton Joyce Cat Rescue in Nottingham, UK. So in essence it's all for a very good cause!

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