Friday, 5 May 2017

Tales of Bygone Days presenting Sir Fudge'a'Lot of Cattelot versus Flambe the Dragon

Pawesome greetings everyone

Guys, Basil here from BionicBasil

Wow I'm so excited to be here today with our epically epic new blog just fur the pursuit of cat happiness and fun!

So let me explain a few things before we start; Kit Knit Cos Play is all about fun with fiction, myth and maybe a little fact here and there, with the added bonus that mew too can get your mittens on the knitted outfits and props we use for each story.  YES mew heard me, if mew want a dragon to battle and to be a fearless knight, then mew're in the right place for sure!  

We also do a gorgeous range of hand-made catnip cat toys, Kuddle Kompanions [if mew need a strong, silent type but also soft and snugly to be your new buddy], and we even have some lovely stuff fur your peeps too, such as our very special Zen Bracelets, each one unique and made from beautiful semi-precious stones before being energized in our extremely amazing crystal room; mew want some good vibes, then try one of these. 

We have so many wunderpurr things in production right now, that it actually blows my mind when I think about it, but the good news is, we The 'B' Team get to try and test everything before we release anything to the market, so if it doesn't come up to scratch [pardon the pun] then we go back to the drawing board. 

Anyhoo let's get this pawty started as I know young Fudge is keen to make his debut as the fearless knight Sir Fudge'a'Lot of Cattelot in our Dragon Wars tale! MOL

*And Action*

It was a cold and stormy night.  Hang on, scratch that.... It was an epically epic sunny day in Sleepy Hollow, and the village seemed rather quiet even by our snooze-ville standards.

Smooch was in the courtyard feeling the boredom grow.

Idly decimating the plants in the raised bed in the courtyard as he pondered life, the universe and everything, he suddenly had a idea to liven things up!

So off he went down into the secret bunker through the entrance behind the summer house and jumped in the elevator.  A few minutes later he stood in front of the door that clearly stated; Do Not Open Effur and grinned like a maniac.

After a brief wrestling match with the door mechanism, the doors finally creaked open [on hinges that definitely needed a squirt or three of WD40] to reveal total darkness.

Smooch sat in the doorway and harrumphed loudly.

"Well that was a waste of time and effort, there's nothing here!" 

And that's when he heard it, a slow rumbling growl.  It echoed off the stone walls and seemed to get louder by the moment.  He began to inch back as the fur on his hackles suddenly sprang up and began to quiver with dread.  The ground began to tremble and shake as something furry, furry big began to move in the darkness.

 Smooch edged back further, his senses were peaking off the chart and that's when he launched down the deserted corridor on level 7, back towards the elevator.

Just as the doors pinged open he risked a glance over his shoulder, then wished he hadn't.  He screamed like a gurl, as emerging from the inky blackness was the biggest, evilest dragon he'd ever laid eyes on and it looked really, really hissed off!.

He screamed again and thumped the elevator button for level 1.  The dragon stepped over the threshold and into the dimly lit corridor.  It was a bit of a squeeze but he tucked his huge wings in tight and started towards Smooch, its razor sharp talons scoring deep gouges in the stone floor with effury step it took.

Smooch hit the button again, he punched the door-close-button and oh so furry, painstakingly slowly they began to shut.  The dragon speeded up.  Smooch peeked around the closing doors, the dragon was passed the halfway point, his heart began to thump wildly and he gulped trying to wet his mouth, and then he screamed again!

*    *    *

Up in the Control Room, Pandora Von DaPlume the newbie [with the strange foreign accent] was learning the ropes from Snowie.  They were staring at a wall of screens, with the security camera footage inside the bunker being displayed.

"Now if  mew look at monitor five," Snowie said absently pointing in the direction of monitor five. "That's the main corridor to level seven, and moving on..."

Pandora's reflexes were rather sharp even fur a cat. "Stop!" she said in her funny little accent as she gripped Snowies paw preventing her from switching camera's. "Do mew 'av a dragon 'ere?"

Snowie turned to stare at her. "No why?"

"Are mew sure?" Pandora pressed urgently and then pointed at the screen. 

Snowie looked up, her eyes were like saucers as she stared in fascinated horror at the huge, red beast hurtling towards the elevator.  Getting a grip, she switched cameras and then saw exactly what the dragon was looking at.

Smoochie trapped in the elevator with the doors slowly closing and the dragon almost there.

"OH MY CAT!" she squeaked and thumped a red button on the computer console.

*And Cut*

Guys sorry to cut it short but mew know how we roll, see mew fur next weeks gripping episode in the DRAGON WARS SAGA!

Anyhoo if mew'd like your furry own dragon Kuddly Kompanion we can make it happen, and don't wurry we'll make sure yours is supurr well behaved and trained.  They come in a selection of colours so email us fur deets at:

It's time fur us to say BFN and we hope to see mew next week fur Part Deux!

Until then

Keep Calm and get the catnip out

Basil and The 'B' Team


  1. starez dood...TAKE DE STAREZ { ewe haz starez we hope...coz a like power fail ure N stuff } take de starez coz ewe can run faster N him will getted stuck tryin ta make de tern at corner 5 !!

    thiz new saga iz grate.....looking for werd ta mor and yes we will swithc it up two day with 2 orderz oh number 3'z ♥♥♥

    1. pee ezz...due ewe think de PA will let ewe add a followz button for thiz blog....♥♥

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    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

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